About Me

Hey there, my name is Skylar; I'm a writer and photographer. I usually live in Seattle, WA, but right now, I'm a nomad (aka vagrant) and living out of a backpack.

What I'm drinking: a negroni - but ask me tomorrow.

What I'm cooking: probably shakshuka -  I make it better than you, come at me.

What I'm watching: probably The Bear.

What I'm reading: The Lemon by S.E. Boyd.

My work is primarily supported by kind people like you. For this project, I’m adopting the concept of "Unlocking the Commons":

The most economically powerful thing you can do is to buy something for your own enjoyment that also improves the world. This has always been the value proposition of journalism and art. It’s a nonexclusive good that’s best enjoyed nonexclusively.

- Tim Carmody, Nieman Lab

At its core, this allows my work to be public-facing and freely accessible. Almost all of the writing and other content you'll get for free and without any paywalls (other than the monthly member-only newsletters). I don't run ads here, though you may see some sponsored posts every now and then.

So if you find it of any value, please consider becoming a paid member.

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I mostly walk around, take pictures, and write things. 📍 Seattle, WA (but usually out and about)